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​          Geza Jans is a Communication Guru.

          The Marriott Group used his creations to promote five of their hotels in Europe.

          Three prestigious luxury brands : Christian Dior, ST Dupont and Chaumet trusted him.

          Four different mineral water brands : Bru, Duke, Spa, Vittel.

          Four car maker brands : Audi, Lancia, Mazda and Volvo.

          Banks, pharmaceuticals and many European food brands have used his creations.

He handled communication for the Turkish Ministry of Tourism during four years in four different countries : Belgium, France, Holland, Luxemburg.

The tourism sector is a difficult one due to the amount of competition. Europeans have a lot of choice in terms of holiday destinations. He succeeded in putting in place a credibility strategy for Turkey which had outstanding results. The effectiveness of these campaigns were obvious. The Ministry could follow the increase of tourists from each country.


After a few years as an Art Director, he became the Chairman & Creative Director of BBDO Belgium.

BBDO, a worldwide advertising agency which is part of Omnicom, the number one communication group in the world. 

Geza Jans then started his own agency and became the Chairman & Creative Director of Double You, a highly creative european agency based in Brussels.

The concepts and success stories he created have been used by local and multinational companies in different countries. He has won several European awards, including at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Today, he advises brands, companies, people and associations wishing to enlarge their credibility.

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